Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Strapping Machines

Strapping Machine is a packaging machine, which is used to apply strap on the carton boxes, pallet strapping unitizing, bunch of textile, corrugated boxes.
Strapping Machine is also known as banding machine or bundling machine, because, suppose you have a pile of books which you have to transport from one place to another, you can use strap to bundle up the books in single pile, which makes it easier to carry and transport without scattering them.

Which type of straps is used in this machine?

The strap material used in this machine are known as Polypropylene (PP) Straps, PP strapping tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for several packaging functions such as closing corrugated boxes, reinforcing packages, bundling items, pallet unitizing, etc. also known as poly strapping or polyester strapping.

Strapping Tool

There are two types of Packing Machines available for strapping, one is handtool or hand held banding tool and another is Strapping Machine.

Battery Operated Strapping Tool

Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Handtools : It is a manual hand held strapping machine to strap heavy loads which are difficult to lift. These heavy loads are either kept on wooden pallet or plastic pallets, strapping the complete load with the pallets are done by this banding tool, hence also known as pallet strapping machine. There are two types of handtools or hand held banding machines available in the market for package strapping purpose, one is Battery operated Strapping tool and Pneumatic Strapping tool. Millenium packaging solutions is the leading supplier of strapping tools in India.

Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine and Automatic Strapping Machine.

In Semi automatic strapping machine one has to manually feed the strap around the product which is to be strapped, Insert the end of strap into the inlet provided, rest enforcing of PP strap, sealing of PP strap and cutting of PP strap is done by the machine automatically within fractions of seconds.
This strap packing machine is majorly used to strap pack carton box, hence, is also known as carton box strapping machine or carton strapping machine.
One can buy strapping machine at a very reasonable price from our store millennium packaging solutions. One of the leading strapping machine supplier and manufacturer in Packaging Industry.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Semi Automatic Web Sealer | Shrink Packing machine

Millenium Packaging Solutions offers Pneumatic  - Web Sealer, Shrink wraps the product, intact, and safe for transportation. Manufactured with state of art technology, this packing machine is well known in the industry like bottling plants, electronics plants etc.

Web sealing is a very economical packaging process, and has taken over major packing units who were using carton boxes to pack their products.

Monday, 9 April 2018

How to extend food products Shelf Life

How to extend food products Shelf Life

As all of us are aware that many of the food products are perishable in nature, and these products even have to be transported long distances, the time taken while in transit is from a day to months also. and while in transit the product undergoes through many climatic changes i.e. hot, cold, moist etc.

In order to protect the product to loose all its natural properties the science and technology department introduced a technology called Vacuum Packaging.

What is Vacuum Packaging ?

With the help of vacuum packing technology the product life can be increased to twice or even thrice (in some products), for e.g Cheese, highly perishable dairy product, if vacuum packed the shelf life will be increased to nearly double of its original. Similarly Meat products when vacuum sealed can now easily be transported to any corner without having to worry about it's travelling time if properly packed in Vacuum Pack bags using vacuum sealer. 

vacuum seal packaging extracts all the air out of the pouch in which product is kept, and flushes the nitrogen in it, and then seals the mouth of the vacuum pouch, by compressing the product inside.

How does this vacuum packaging machine works?

Well this is the most easily operated packing machine, manufactured with the best techniques and equipment, the complete stainless steel body is undoubtedly a leader in the segment.
The process is very simple, fill the vacuum packing pouch with the product, place the pouch inside the vacuum chamber, keeping the, open mouth of the pouch on the sealing strip and that is it, close the lid of the vacuum chamber and rest extraction of air and sealing of pouch will be done within desired time which you required it to take.

Auto adjustable carton taping machine

Auto Adjustable Carton Taping and Sealing Machine . This packing machine Adjusts automatically as per the size of the carton and applies B...