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Conveyors | Material Handling Equipment

Conveyor Systems in a plant : Medium to large-scale plants require an efficient and effective means for forwarding goods through the help of assembly line. Usually, transportation is achieved via conveyor systems and they are the real force.

For e.g. A conveyor system in a Mobile manufacturing plant, different components from various units arrives at an assigned station with the help of belt conveying system or roller conveyors, at the station all the components are attached or fixed together, thus, making a complete working mobile, then the mobile is conveyed further for mono carton packing, and more further for shrink wrapping of mono cartons.

Then these mono cartons are filled into a bigger corrugated box, which is then sealed with BOPP Tapes and then PP straps are applied for more safety of goods for safe transit, and then conveyed further to get loaded for shipment onto the logistic vehicle. 

Hence, with the help of these conveyors the overall time of transferring goods from one unit to another has been drastically reduced, thus resulting in more efficiency and faster production and reducing a lot of manual involvement for transferring of goods.

The conveying systems helps to transport the material from one unit to another without the help of any human interface to perform functions like washing, flipping, rotating, pushing, indexing, diverting, or accumulating products at various points in the production line.

Their capabilities and performance are therefore enforced and influenced by material and physical properties such as tension, length, and friction, as well as operational capability.

Also, there are various metrics to consider during the selection and installation of a conveyor system, such as appropriate material, ergonomic and user-friendly interfaces, flexibility and scalability, application environment (horizontal, vertical or incline), and load capacity.

Industries require a wide range of conveyor depending upon the applications. conveyor types are Roller Conveyor or Belt Conveyors, which can be used for sortation, accumulation, carousel indexing, vacuum, box sealing, filling, strapping etc.

Roller Conveyors are series of parallel roller bars fitted in a fixed path to transfer goods from point A to point B. the conveyor is powered by electrical motor to provide the movement, the speed can be controlled as per the requirement. These conveyors are made of MS or SS Structure as per the requirement of the industry.

Belt Conveyors are used where the material handling is of small particles like which cannot be transported through roller conveyor or material which can get stuck into the rollers.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Paperex 2019 | New Delhi | Millenium

Remember this December with Paperex 2019 -World’s Largest Paper and Packaging Show in New Delhi

Press Release 2019

The Indian Paper Industry provides Employment to 6 million people directly & indirectly and is the 15th largest paper industry in the world and fastest growing market.

India’s demand for paper in next 5 years is anticipated to rise 53%. Future looks more promising as the domestic demand is on the rise.

The focus of paper industry is now shifting towards more eco-friendly Packaging products and technology. Moreover, the paper industry in India is not into Mining, just cultivation of trees and No use of the reserved forest. The paper industry seeks to maintain and grow its economic contribution to society, foster the well-being of our communities, and utilize sustainable manufacturing practices and fiber procurement measures that protect the environment and ensure that our natural resources will be as available for future generations as they are today.

Due to growth in literacy, change in lifestyle and increasing consciousness for personal hygiene, per capita consumption of paper tissues and safe packaging in India is increasing day by day. The growth in GDP of India has led to the increase in manufacturing activities, increasing the demand for paper products and packaging especially the paper boards for carrying out wide range of activities ranging from packaging to storage, transportation and lot more.

About Millenium Packaging Solutions
Millenium Packaging Solutions is continually participating in this event and has provided wide solutions in the automation of secondary packaging of goods.

Solutions like Carton box packing, Stretch wrapping of goods for their safety while in transport or for storage, Strapping solutions, Conveyor solutions, Vacuum Packaging Solutions for food and beverage industries, Solution for packaging of palletized goods

A sneak preview of the whole event :
• Support from major trade associations of paper and allied industries and World Paper Forum
• Presence of over 700 + leading Exhibitors from 35+ countries
• Trade visitor from 75 + countries
• International Group Participation from China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, etc
• I-50:- Special Invitation program to all Leading Paper Manufacturers & Traders of 50 countries
• Various New Launches by exhibitors
• Handmade paper pavilion • Concurrent conference and International Business Networking Program
• A high level Technical Concurrent Conference by “Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association” The leading exhibitors will offer the Latest Technology, Machinery and Raw Material for Paper & Board Manufacturing
• Papers & Paper Products: - Writing & Printing Paper, Specialty Paper Newsprint, Kraft Paper, Graphic paper, etc
• Machinery: - Complete Paper Mill Plant or Machinery, Tissue Converting, Packaging Machines like Strapping Machines, Stretch Wrapping Machines, Pallet Wrappers
• Latest Equipment & Accessories: - Rolls, Bearings, Blade & Knife, Pumps Valves & System, etc
• Raw Materials: - Pulp, Waste Paper, Specialty Chemicals, Mineral & pigments, etc
• New Technologies: - Automation & Instrumentations, Quality & Process Control, Surface Coating, etc
• Networking with industry: - Through major paper Industry associations


Paperex has always received an overwhelming response from global paper industry and is well attended by large gathering of paper traders, printers, publishers, converter & paper packaging companies to explore the vast variety of papers at the show.
To serve all verticals of paper industry in a better way, The World’s Largest Paper Show is enhancing the platform for With three collocated events to cater the entire gamut of paper & all allied industries at one business platform
• WORLD OF PAPER a concurrent show for Paper, Printing, Packaging & Publishing industries
• CORRUGEX, a concurrent show on Corrugated Box Machinery, Technology & allied Industries
• TISSUEEX, a concurrent show highlighting the participation of Tissue, Products, Machinery & Technology Block your dates for this Business Festival of the Paper Industry scheduled from 3-6 December 2019 in New Delhi.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Auto adjustable carton taping machine

Auto Adjustable Carton Taping and Sealing Machine adjusts itself according to the size of the carton box automatically, and applies BOPP Self adhesive tapes on top and bottom simultaneously, thus saving lot of time and labour resulting in faster packing.

Monday, 14 January 2019

2019 will be focusing on Automatic Packaging Line | Millenium

As the constant growth in Ecommerce businesses, requirement for Automated packaging solutions is set to be challenging in 2019, Millenium Packaging Solutions said. Improvising on packaging operations on warehouse and logistics, while adopting automated packaging solutions will be the key focus this year.
Automatic Carton Taping and Strapping Combo Machine
Automatic Taping and Strapping line

The most necessary primacy for organisations is to review their current packaging methods and discover improvements that will help lessen the pressures and reduce the cost of packaging. One such purlieu is thinking about mechanisation and automation that can streamline slow and high priced manual processes.

With a wide range of packaging machinery now available in India, we deeply have to look at how packing solutions which includes in-line automation of 
Carton taping Machine and strapping Machine with case erectors as well as end of line pallet wrappers which maximise utilisation of Stretch films. According to the study, customers have increased packing speeds by 50%-70% after they introduced right packaging machines.

Investing in an automated packaging line is one way not only to speed up the packing time but it also uses the full potential of human labour. In recent months, Millenium has unveiled the X1 
Pallet wrapper, a pioneering new Pallet Stretch wrapping solution for heavy loads.

With 2019 likely to see the major Ecommerce and top brands are likely to invest heavily in more environmental friendly packaging, demand for sustainable and easy to recycle solutions will further drive development of innovative packaging products.

Businesses and suppliers alike will find that innovation and bespoke Automatic packaging lines with eco-friendly packing solutions and services coming to market. However, we always have been working to cut out excess process and packaging where necessary by understanding your true cost to pack before jumping to anything.”

Sunday, 25 November 2018

India Pharma Week | Millenium Packaging Solutions

India Pharma Week | 12 - 14th December 2018

A week full of opportunities, where all your business objectives will have the chance to grow and progress with over 50,000 pharma professionals from 122 countries. 9 events in 1 week will take place across the city of Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, focusing on Business, Leadership, Knowledge, Innovation, Recognition & Networking in the field of Pharma. India Pharma Week returns in 2018: A week full of events alongside CPhI and P-MEC India as the seedbed of the growing Indian Pharma Industry.

Currently, India has 2,633 FDA-approved drug products. India became the third largest global generic API merchant market by 2016, with a 7.2 per cent market share. India contributes the second largest share of pharmaceutical and biotech workforce in the world. Generic drugs account for 20 per cent of global exports in terms of volume, making the country the largest provider of generic medicines globally and it is expected to expand even further in the coming years. Indian pharmaceutical sector accounts for about 3.1 - 3.6 per cent of the global pharmaceutical industry in value terms and 10 per cent in volume terms and is expected to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025. In February 2018, the Indian pharmaceutical market grew at 7.1 per cent.

With 71 per cent market share, generic drugs form the largest segment of the Indian pharmaceutical sector. The 'Pharma Vision 2020' by the government's Department of Pharmaceuticals aims to make India a major hub for end-to-end drug discovery. The country accounts for the second largest number of Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) and is the world's leader in Drug Master Files (DMFs) applications with the US Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals sector has received cumulative FDI worth US$ 15.59 billion between April 2000-December 2017.

Indian drugs are exported to more than 200 countries in the world, with the US as the key market. India exported pharmaceutical items worth US$ 16.84 billion in FY17 and US$ 10.76 billion during April 2017-January 2018.

The Government of India plans to set up a US$ 640 million venture capital fund to boost drug discovery and strengthen pharmaceutical infrastructure. India has over 546 USFDA-approved company sites, the highest number outside the US.

About CPhI & P-MEC India :

CPhI India is South Asia's leading pharma exhibitors displaying complete supply chain from drug discovery to finished dosage, manufacturers of API, Generics, Excipients and Drug formulation, Fine chemicals, Biosimilars, Finished formulations, Lab chemicals and Biotechnology.

P-MEC, on the other hand, includes manufacturers of Pharma Machinery and Equipment, Analytical Equipment,  Packaging Machines & Packaging Consumables, Plant / Facility Equipment, Automation & Controls, Processing Equipment, RFID, Tableting / Capsule fillers, Clean room equipment, Filling equipment and Laboratory products.

About Us

Millenium Packaging Solutions is providing sales and service of Secondary Packaging Machines and Consumable from the last 2 decades. a “Market Driven” professional group in the field of “End Line Packaging”.

Company is engaged into Export, Manufacture and Distribution of Secondary Packaging Machines like Strapping Machine, Taping Machine, Vacuum Packaging Machine, Stretch Wrappers, Shrink Packaging Machines and it's consumables like Strapping Rolls, BOPP Tapes, PET STraps, Shrink Films, Stretch films.

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Vacuum Packaging Machine - Double Chamber | Millenium Packaging Solutions

Vacuum Packaging Machine - Double Chamber from the house of Millenium Packaging Solutions. Get the Best prices and offer.

Vacuum Packing machine extracts all the air from the vacuum pouch and seals the open end of the pouch leaving no air inside, thus helps the product to remain uncontaminated for a longer time than it's original life.

Our Vacuum Sealing Machine comes in variants like

Single Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Table top / Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine

Conveyors | Material Handling Equipment

Conveyor Systems in a plant : Medium to large-scale plants require an efficient and effective means for forwarding goods through the help...