Sunday, 29 July 2018

Strapping Rolls | PP Straps - Manufacturers and Suppliers | Delhi | NCR | India

Strapping Rolls or Polypropylene Straps have taken over the old steel strap method for unitizing the goods.
with the continuous innovation in technology these straps are being regularly improvised to sustain the requirement of strength required in today;s packing process.
Millenium Packaging Solutions is a 9001:2008 certified organisation.
Millenium Packaging Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of these straps for varied industries.
Millenium PP Straps are manufactured according to the requirement of the consumer, with the latest technology involved, thus providing their consumers a better product at a low cost.
Millenium Packaging solutions also provide various Strapping Machines to apply these straps on the products.
like : Semi Automatic Strapping Machine, Automatic Strapping Machine, Strapping Machine with Power Roller, and Strapping Machine with Power Belt.

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