Monday, 14 January 2019

2019 will be focusing on Automatic Packaging Line | Millenium

As the constant growth in Ecommerce businesses, requirement for Automated packaging solutions is set to be challenging in 2019, Millenium Packaging Solutions said. Improvising on packaging operations on warehouse and logistics, while adopting automated packaging solutions will be the key focus this year.
Automatic Carton Taping and Strapping Combo Machine
Automatic Taping and Strapping line

The most necessary primacy for organisations is to review their current packaging methods and discover improvements that will help lessen the pressures and reduce the cost of packaging. One such purlieu is thinking about mechanisation and automation that can streamline slow and high priced manual processes.

With a wide range of packaging machinery now available in India, we deeply have to look at how packing solutions which includes in-line automation of 
Carton taping Machine and strapping Machine with case erectors as well as end of line pallet wrappers which maximise utilisation of Stretch films. According to the study, customers have increased packing speeds by 50%-70% after they introduced right packaging machines.

Investing in an automated packaging line is one way not only to speed up the packing time but it also uses the full potential of human labour. In recent months, Millenium has unveiled the X1 
Pallet wrapper, a pioneering new Pallet Stretch wrapping solution for heavy loads.

With 2019 likely to see the major Ecommerce and top brands are likely to invest heavily in more environmental friendly packaging, demand for sustainable and easy to recycle solutions will further drive development of innovative packaging products.

Businesses and suppliers alike will find that innovation and bespoke Automatic packaging lines with eco-friendly packing solutions and services coming to market. However, we always have been working to cut out excess process and packaging where necessary by understanding your true cost to pack before jumping to anything.”

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